What you need to know

Precious metals represent the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship, each possessing unique qualities that captivate and enchant. Platinum, with its brilliant silvery-white sheen, is renowned for its rarity and durability, making it an exquisite choice for fine jewelry that stands the test of time. Gold, with its timeless allure, comes in a variety of colors such as classic yellow, elegant white, and romantic rose, offering endless possibilities for creating breathtaking jewelry pieces. Palladium, a close relative of platinum, exhibits a similar lustrous appearance and is celebrated for its lightweight yet robust nature.

Titanium, prized for its exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, adds a modern and edgy touch to contemporary jewelry designs. Sterling silver, a beloved favorite, is known for its affordability and versatility, making it a popular choice for everyday elegance. Lastly, zirconium, a newer addition to the precious metals family, exudes a captivating metallic sheen and offers an alternative for those seeking distinctive and unconventional jewelry creations. With this stunning array of precious metals, our collection invites you to explore the captivating world of fine jewelry and discover the perfect piece that reflects your unique style and personality.


Naturally white metal Platinum is purer than all other metals and is dense in weight, retaining the feeling of substance and superiority. As white hue is a permanent white, it requires no maintenance and the colour will never change.
Platinum is the hardest precious metal and is sturdy and scratch resistant, hypoallergenic, and more durable than any other metal.
Platinum has more recently risen to be the preferred choice for wedding rings and high-quality jewellery as its strength is to last in all its perfection for a lifetime.

Platinum 600 Benefits

  • Platinum 600 is made up of 60% platinum with40% Alloy.
  • An alternate choice for dress rings and weddings
  • Platinum 600 is a more affordable option while still retaining the qualities of the precious metal 


Platinum 950 Benefits

  • Platinum 950 is purer than Platinum600 with 95% platinum 5% Alloy
  • It is the preferred choice for those looking for the highest quality piece, for weddings or high-quality jewellery
  • 30 times more rare than gold platinum retains its value for life


The most popular metal of all time, Gold epitomises the timeless and classic look of luxury that has made it the traditional choice for a wedding ring and high-end jewellery. As the most pliable of metals, it is always alloyed with other metals. Due to the softness in its purest form, 24-karat gold is rarely used alone.
Infinity rings alloy all gold pieces with the finest alloys creating more durable and firm pieces. There are three Gold tones available in our collections:

Gold 375 — 9ct Gold Benefits 

  • 375 rings are 9 karat gold (37.5% pure gold)
  • Preferred for dress rings
  • Perfect for those who seek a stylish option at a lower price point

Gold 585 — 14ct Gold Benefits

  • 585 Gold rings are 14 karat gold (or 58.5% pure gold)
  • The minimum karat weight recommended for high-quality jewellery
  • It is the preferred option for those that seek a stylish and higher quality piece without the highest price tag

Gold 750 — 18ct Gold Benefits

  • 750 rings are 18ct gold (75% pure gold)
  • Our 18ct rings are the perfect balance between gold purity and strength
  • 750 gold is the preferred choice for high-quality dress rings and those looking for wedding and engagement rings


Palladium is a lighter metal in comparison to Platinum yet just as precious in its characteristics. Palladium offers similar tones with the natural white colour; it is hypoallergenic, resistant to tarnish, and is gaining immense popularity over the more expensive metals.
Palladium is known for its brilliant workability as the easiest metal to fashion in appearance, making it the perfect choice for traditionally designed men’s wedding rings and classic rings. It also ranks higher as a wearable metal to white Gold due to its naturally lightweight feel.

Palladium 500 Benefits

  • A quality option, Palladium 500 is made with 50% Palladium and 50% Alloys
  • Suitable for general dress rings and wedding ring alternatives
  • This price is suitable for those who are more budget conscious yet still looking to get a quality, naturally white metal

Palladium 950 Benefits

  • Palladium 950 is the highest quality Palladium with 95% Palladium and 5% alloys
  • Suitable for high-quality dress rings and wedding rings
  • A high-quality piece that resembles Platinum without the Platinum price tag


Sterling silver is a quality metal with a premium finish. It has the qualities and appearance of other precious metals including malleability, reflectivity and lustre, making it a great alternative metal choice at an affordable price tag. Silver is a fantastic choice of metal for those looking for a beautiful dress piece perfect for any occasion.

Sterling Silver Benefits

  • Sterling silver provides a quality alternative to precious metals
  • Suitable for general dress jewellery pieces with an attractive appearance
  • Highly affordable price point


Titanium has fast become the choice for those looking for a metal that is tough and resilient yet very affordable. A darker silver-grey metal Titanium is unyielding and durable without the added weight.
Titanium is also hypoallergenic making a good metal choice for those with sensitive skin. Titanium is lightweight and very resistant to damage, as it does not bend. You cannot resize Titanium due to its sheer strength.

Titanium Benefits

  • Titanium is made pure and is the strongest metal, and will not bend
  • A good alternative for hands-on professionals and those looking for dress rings that won’t bend or damage easily over time
  • A great alternative to other metals due to the price point and durability


An alternative to Titanium, Zirconium offers a look like no other metal on the market. It starts as a grey/white colour that turns black via an oxidation process, creating an extremely hard natural black coating that is scratch resistant.

Zirconium is completely non-toxic, so much so that it is often used in dental fillings, making it perfect for allergies and sensitive skin.

Zirconium Benefits

  • Modern, sleek and alternative look that will turn heads
  • Create eye catching two tone styles by combining zirconium with gold, white gold or platinum
  • Affordable and hard wearing metal